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What Exactly is the Animal Gas Marijuana Strain?

Even with little to no knowledge of THC levels, there is certainly so much more to know about Animal Gas. The indica dominant strain is a nice balance of Chemdog 91 and Animal Cookies hailed from Seed Junky Genetics, Exotic Genetics. Animal Gas’ parents provide the flawless mix of old and new as it reflects the quintessential Chemdog 91 flavor that devout veteran smokers can’t get enough of while adding the newer Cookies flavor that has increased in popularity over recent years. Animal Gas’ high is very similar to its parents strain Chemdog 91, taking the body on a mild sedative ride while allowing the mind to enter into a state of calm.

The nugs alone covered in copious amounts of resin are evidence of the potency that one would estimate. Smokers will also be surprised to know that this strain is hard to come by in local dispensaries making it even more desired. While Animal Gas seems limited in supply, its medicinal properties are abundant, memorable and may cause a sense of a healthy obsession.

Animal Gas: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

In terms of potency, it’s evident in the buds what kind of THC concentration smokers are in store for. A mixture of beautiful purples and pinks envelope the buds with an unwavering amount of frost-like glitter. Animal Gas’ buds are not ones to miss as they appear to be larger than other strains. The buds are not only impressive in size but they are dense, and sticky which is confirmation of the heavy amount of resin contained by trichomes protecting the buds throughout the growth stage. ‘Gas’ is in the name and many veteran smokers can certainly appreciate this strain living up to its name. ‘Gas’ referred to herb in the cannabis community is commonly associated with the idea that the herb is considered high-quality and even superior to other strains.

‘Gas’ has also been known to be used to describe the pungent smell that certain strains give off, which is unquestionably true for Animal Gas. First-time smokers will be infatuated with the flavor of vanilla and lemon notes that the cannabis leaves behind to the tastebuds. It’s peculiar that given the name of the strain, it could give off such sweet and tangy flavors but that’s what truly makes this strain one-of-a-kind.

Animal Gas Effects

The classic effects from parent Chemdog91 ring true in the effects that Animal Gas produces. Consumers will be happy to experience the well-known sedating effects that most infamous strains are popular for. The feel of a sudden body melt is only the beginning after the first toke as the strain begins working to uplift the mind, causing euphoric cerebral tendencies. Although sensations are more calming than energetic, Animal Gas is known to provide a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity. For novice users who are unsure of tolerance levels, Animal Gas is the ideal joy ride into euphoria, disarming the mind and putting the body in a tranquil state.

Smokers will find that losing focus won’t be an issue as the strain simultaneously tasks the mind to be able to be attentive with whatever’s in front of you. Animal Gas is a night and day strain and has been reported as a smooth operator with PM or AM activities.

Medical Advantages of Animal Gas

Medicinally, Animal Gas is a bud that can be beneficial for both mental and physical pain. Following its smooth smoke, patients will feel is potent sedative effects, which tend to assist with depression and stress. Though, it also may be ideal for addressing migraines, symptoms of arthritis, and sleep. For this reason, this cannabis might be best enjoyed in the evening when all you want to do is get a good night’s sleep. With just a toke or two, the pain will slowly make its way to also makes its way to the background, giving you one of the most peaceful sleep you’ve ever experienced.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects with this bud are minimum, however, it’s important to be aware of what Animal Gas can induce. The inexperienced, should be careful and monitor as they smoke to avoid the overconsumption of cannabis THC. Although rare, some newbies may dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes. Luckily. these symptoms can be managed by hydrating the body with plenty of water, eating a full meal, and also purchasing using eye drops to keep your eyes moisturize and your vision clear.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, this bud is certainly worth adding to your psychoactive arsenal. As we’ve learned, it offers a powerful high, tasty and smooth smoke, as well as a load of therapeutic benefits that may relieve whatever ails you. Even if you are new to cannabis, this bud offers the best of what the medicinal plant can do, so feel free to try Animal Gas during your next smoking session — just remember to approach with caution and don’t forget to share with your other buds.


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