Effects: Creativity, inspiration, progress, motivation, imagination

May Relieve: Anxiety, stress, depression, appetite loss, nausea, persistent pain

Blackberry is a well-balanced hybrid strain that provides smokers a delicious sweet and savory berry flavor with each wonderful exhale. The strain results from the cross of Black Domina and Raspberry Cough cannabis strains. It’s a perfect choice if you are looking to forget your worries and relax, as it is known to bring a calming high feeling. Read on to learn all you need to know about the Blackberry cannabis strain.

What Exactly is the Blackberry Marijuana Strain?

Made with the crossing of two cannabis favorites, this bud brings a long-lasting effect, thanks to its above-average THC level of 20-26%. Thus, it’s heavy and one-hitter quitter cannabis. It’s a perfect choice for seasoned consumers. The parent, Black Domina provides a long-lasting effect. It could be useful in combating stress. It’s also responsible for the woody hint taste in Black Domina. When taken in higher doses, it results in a seriously relaxing sensation. On the other hand, its other parent Raspberry Cough is famous for the amazing, uplifting high it brings, which may be suitable for new cannabis consumers looking to ger creative.

Blackberry: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

Blackberry is a rare indica. Its buds are dark and fluffy. The buds have bright orange hairs with the coating having sandy amber hue. Also, the buds have a crystalline trichomes coating. Thus, when you put the buds under dark light, you will see them glow. Currently, it has become the alpha of all other purple strains.

Before you light the Blackberry cannabis, you will notice a sweet beery taste. Besides, it’s sweet fruity taste, some smokers claim to smell a distant fuel aroma tied in with the scent of fresh blackberries. As for it’s growing, cannabis consumers should know that this bud takes only 7-8 weeks to flower. Due to the combination of its parent strains, this bud has resulted in a robust plant and provides fantastic yields towards the end of flowering.

Blackberry Effects

Blackberry have a high concentration of indica genetics. Thus, you will get a lifted onset after your first exhale. It’s famous for its psychotic effects such as improved creativity and inspiration. You will experience increased focus with a touch of euphoria.

After your first exhale, you get into a state of pure relaxation. It relieves all the stress from your mind and cements you to your coach. The heavy indica is perfect for evening use as it could help you forget all worries and stress. Blackberry strain is ideal for use with few friends or alone. Its powerful THC potency and balanced sativa/indica genetics, make it the perfect strain for sparking creativity and interpersonal experiences. Besides all that, smoking this bud will lull you into a pure relaxation state with an increased sense of excitement and possibly may even cement you on the couch, washing you of all your day’s stresses and worries.

Medicinal Advantages of Blackberry

Blackberry cannabis may be the best bud for reaping all of its medicinal properties. People with mental health conditions benefit the most from their therapeutic abilities. Blackberry strain has a strong sedative effect. Hence, it may be able to help patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Blackberry strain can also address the loss of appetite, nausea, and chronic pain. It can help in relieving menstrual cramps and similar symptoms in chronic diseases. It’s a precursor to good sleep. if you have sleep disorders and are consider seeking the curative abilities of Blackberry strain, then we recommend that you start with small doses and gradually increase your intake as you monitor your body. This bud may also inhale it through a vaporizer or it may be worth whipping up a few edibles or concentrates suing Blackberry cannabis to address your physical ailments. It’s a better way to go about your relief if you want to feel it medicinal effects quickly.

Possible Side Effects

Although Blackberry cannabis strain has so many benefits, it has its setbacks too. However, most of its side effects are mild and minimal. The most common side effects are that it results in mouth dryness and dry eyes. The good thing is that the side effects are manageable. You should ensure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to prevent dry mouth. Also, you could use moisturizing eye drops to get rid of eye dryness. Paranoia and mild anxiety are also some of its side effects, however, these side effects are less common.

Final Thoughts

Using the strain for neuroprotection is so far its most significant medicinal benefit. Perfect for both medical patients and recreational consumers, literally anyone can benefit from this herb. Be it, smoking for getting that powerful high or to be relieved of all that ails you mentally or physically, Blackberry cannabis won’t disappoint,


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