Balla Berries (GB6Trix X Watermelon Zkittlez) by RuntzOnline is a terpene heavy Sativa dominant hybrid with a relatively low psychotropic content (17.61% THC) and packed full of flavorsome citrus berry levels. 

Hidden within buds that are dark purple and deep green behind wiry orange hairs and layers of kief is a scent that is like dipping your face in a basket full of tropical fruit lined with sprigs of subtle mint and pine. 

It tastes like a sweet berry punch that isn’t too overwhelming and doesn’t hit when inhale and exhale. The high is moderate and not very euphoric but is enjoyable and the flavor outweighs any negatives. Effects observed include energetic creativity to a positive mindset.

If you buy Balla berries online from Runtz Online, we can assure you that you will experience a solid head buzz development, which will make you feel comfortable & relaxed. Usually, it’s recommended to smoke before going for sound sleep.

What is Balla Berries?

Balla Berries are 200% Indica and we offer the best quality of Balla Berries in retail & wholesale as well. To help cannabis patients choose the best medicine efficiently, we started providing Balla Berries for sale online. 

How to Buy Balla Berries Online

This a hybrid cross between two flavor powerhouses – Chernobyl and Blueberry. It gets its name because it’s parents Chernobyl is a sweet-smelling hybrid strain with floral and lime flavors, while the Indica Blueberry lends deep notes of fruit and berry. If you are concerned about quality, you can buy Balla Berries online from Runtz online and get 100% fresh farm nurturing Balla Berry weed.

Note: Balla Berries contain cannabis, a schedule substance, which should be placed out of the reach of children and animals. Also, the intoxicating effects of cannabis may stay up to two hours. Here at Runtz Online, we provide free delivery on the purchase of above $400.




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