Buy Canna Cavi moonrocks online is ready  to hit the ceiling! Canna Cavi is our newest addition in our search for proper Moonrocks. I can inform you we’ve found them! These things are so perfect you’re able to crack it open without smashing everywhere in the place… picture perfect. Great flavor, amazingly deep and rich results. Welcome to our new general of rocks.

Buy canna cavi Moonrocks, also referred to as caviar buds, are marijuana’s answer to the Long Island iced tea; they’re all approximately excess. A bud that’s been covered in sappy concentrates and rolled in kief, moon rocks are a multi-layered miniature boulder of densely-packed pot. Made both with the aid of professionals and inexperienced-thumbs at domestic, moon rocks are frequently constructed from a selection of lines, waxes, oils, and concentrates. Depending at the fine of substances, their THC content can spike well above 50 percentage.

But at their center, canna cavi moonrocks are quite a lot a marketing rip-off used to sell low-first-class hashish at severe markups to unsuspecting consumers.  . In truth, they clog bowls, create unnecessarily sticky messes, and use up quicker than you may pull.


Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound


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