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Buy Gushers Online. Probably name after the oozing candy of the same name, Gushers is truly a treat to be sought after. This premium strain can be found in finer dispensaries in California, Colorado and Florida.

Buy Gushers Online. Also Beautifully dense nugs with bright goldenrod hairs is truly something to behold. Underneath the golden hairs, deep violet hues complement the lime green buds. Though the name is reminiscent of a gummy-gooey snack pack in your lunch as a kid, the genetics are far from elementary.

Genetic of Gusher

Parent strain Gelato #41 comes from Cookie family genetics of Girl Scout Cookie cross with Sunset Sherbet, lending a fruity cookie aroma to the strain.

Furthermore the other parent strain responsible for Gushers’ genetics is Triangle Kush. Which is an indica that originated from somewhere in Florida.

Combined, the two parents produce an offspring that provides relief to patients looking to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety, chronic pain and depression.

Gushers after a test  with THC levels as high as 25 percent, making it potent enough to compare with other top indicas. International research indicates that the average potency of high-potency strains is around 14 percent.

So it’s more potent than average. All cookie hybrids are tasty, and with a name like Gushers, you know that this strain is going to be sweet and fruity.

Moreover Gushers is an ideal strain for connoisseurs looking for a specific fruity taste. Even in concentrate form, Gushers is a great strain for vape pens and dabbing tools. Its indica-dominant characteristics are ideal for warm evenings when you’re about to devour munchies from the kitchen.


15Gram, 1 ounce (30grams), 1/4 pound (115grams), 1/2 pound (228grams), 1 pound (450 grams)


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