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Here at Runtz Online, as a leading Medical Cannabis provider, we offer Pink Runtz to help cannabis patients talking to their foreheads. Buy Pink Runtz Online and experience how these buds bring on the unfocused & light-headed effects that will experience strange and you will be totally happy about it. 

This rarely balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica + 50% Sativa), Pink Runtz is created either as a combination of the less famous Runtz Strain, a Zkittlez, cross Gelato, or as a hybrid of delicious Rainbow Sherbet cross Pink Panties Stains. 

These Pink Runtz Strain get this name because of its deliciously sweet, confection-type scent, texture, as well as its appearance. It scents like a sugary candy as it has a delicious terpene profile that’s sweet and a little zesty in flavor. Though the scent is not faint, or emit a mild aroma.

With its high combination of 20-25% average TSH level, it provides effective treatment in conditions such as depression, chronic stress, or PTSD mood swings, nausea, and serious fatigue. 

Buy Pink Runtz Online at affordable cost and get it delivered anywhere in the USA.


1 ounce (30grams), 1/4 pound (115grams), 1/2 pound (228grams), 1 pound (450 grams)


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