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May Relieve: pain, depression, stress, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, PMS, migraines, headaches, seizures

J-27 is a pure and very strong sativa marijuana strain with impressive levels of THC reaching up to 27% in some tests. Bringing users a typical combination of uplifting and energizing effects, J-27 is a great strain for more experienced marijuana users. Although the exact genetics of this 100% sativa strain is unknown, it is believed that J-27 is an offspring of the iconic Jack Herer marijuana strain.

This rare sativa strain grows quite large, green buds that are nicely sprinkled with fiery orange pistils. J-27 offers a delicious citrus aroma that makes people literally craving for it. Some more experienced marijuana users may also detect a hint of pine on the exhale when smoking this sativa strain, but it’s extremely delicate and hard to note by someone with a not very sensitive sense of smell and taste.

What’s the high after smoking the rare J-27 marijuana strain? Named after the popular highway in California, J-27 produces strong high that gives users a fast rush. It starts quickly with a sudden rush or creativity and energy floating throughout both body and mind, making the user utterly uplifted and focused on the particular task. Moreover, the strain offers a talkative and often giggly mood, which makes this pure sativa a perfect choice for social situations.

Although J-27 comes with very nice effects, it’s also a powerful strain and beginners should be mindful when it comes to dosage. In higher amounts, this sativa may intensify its effects turning an intense cerebral stimulation into paranoia. All in all, J-27 is a great bud for both day and evening time use.

When it comes to the medical benefits of the J-27 marijuana strain, it’s just as good for your health as it’s for recreational use. The strain is an amazing pain and stress reliever, which makes it perfect for those dealing with stress or chronic pain daily. J-27 brings all the benefits very fast, providing quick relaxation and relief from a range of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and even chronic stress.

When using this extremely potent sativa strain, make sure you mind the dosage, as the high of J-27 is definitely a hard-hitting and long-lasting one. Thus, if you’re looking for a perfect wake and bake strain to go with your morning cup of coffee, keep in mind J-27 will nicely get you through your busy day, fighting with fatigue, stress and helping you get your things done. Additionally, with its uplifting properties, J-27 will motivate you to go through your to-do list without wasting no more of your time. All of the above with a huge smile on your face after smoking this strong and delicious sativa strain.


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