Effects: euphoria, relaxation, sedation, creative mood, dry eyes, heavy eyelids, sleepiness, increased appetite, happiness, dry mouth

May Relieve: pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, stress, lack of appetite, PTSD

MK Ultra is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with 70/30 indica/sativa ratio. The name of this bud comes from the controversial project called “MK Ultra” where the CIA conducted mind-manipulating experiments on both government officials and civilians during the 1950s.

Although the name may not attract you at first, once you get to know its effects – one of the heaviest indica-like high and almost hypnotic, highly powerful experience – it becomes logical why MK Ultra got this name. In fact, this indica-dominant strain won the 1st place at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in the Indica category back in 2003. Moreover, in 2004 the hybrid got 2nd place in the same contest.

The MK Ultra cannabis strain was created by crossing two highly popular types of weed – G-13 and OG Kush. This heavy indica-dominant hybrid reaches up to 18% of THC on average, while the CBD level is not higher than 0.1%.

This plant grows dense and sticky flowers that have a very pungent smell. MK Ultra produces tight buds with a generous layer of resin that makes these nuggets almost white and insanely sticky. Although the scent is a bit strange, many people find it extremely interesting and distinctive. MK Ultra comes with a strong diesel aroma, with hints of burnt plastic combined with notes of lemon. As for its taste, this indica-dominant hybrid has a long lasting earthy, piney yet sweet flavor with some musty undertones. What’s amazing about this strain is that it produces a very smooth smoke when burnt.

Wondering what are the effects of this intriguing hybrid strain? Although it doesn’t come with the highest THC content, MK Ultra is still considered one of the most potent indica-dominant strains in the world. It induces a cerebral, almost hypnotic high that hits you almost instantly after taking the first hit. Be careful though, especially if you’re not very experienced in smoking marijuana, as this bud may cause your eyelids to droop, making your head and eyelids extremely heavy. Moreover, the MK Ultra marijuana strain induces a strong couch-lock effect, which makes this hybrid ideal for evening and night time use. Additionally, it promotes giggles and happiness, bringing a constant smile on the face of the user.

Medicinally, MK Ultra can trigger sleepiness, which makes it perfect for insomnia patients. Since it induces a complete body and mind relaxation, the hybrid is also suitable for those dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.


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