Nuken is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with the 80/20 indica/sativa ratio. The hybrid was created by crossing the infamous God Bud with Kish, which is a cross of two Shishkaberry parent strains. This potent marijuana strain comes with a moderate THC level reaching up to 25% in content, but it’s still more suitable for experienced marijuana users.

Nuken is the kind of a strain that is an ideal combination between great potency, perfectly-balanced high, and a delicious taste. This classic hybrid is now gaining in popularity all over the world for its interesting mix of effects, giving the user strong, yet incredibly delicious high.

Although Nuken induces a very spacey and contemplative high that lasts for a while, it’s not too overwhelming as it nicely spreads throughout your body, providing both mental and physical relief. Thus, the strain may be optimal not only for an evening but also for daytime use.

It is believed Nuken offers between 13% and 25% of THC. However, some people argue that the strain comes with as high levels of this psychoactive cannabinoid as 30%. Either way, this indica-dominant hybrid offers a cerebral stimulation, followed by a positive state of mind and uplifting euphoria. This nice head buzz may be ideal for social activities, but it may also leave you a little bit too giggly. Usually, users describe the high as a relaxing feeling that induces both happiness and calm state of mind. In high doses, it may quickly put you to sleep, as the strong indica genetics make this hybrid a perfect evening choice.

As mentioned before, Nuken cannabis strain comes with an amazing fragrance and taste. This indica-dominant hybrid smells like smokey campfire marshmallows with delicate hints of earthy and pungent tones. If you’re wondering how this strain tastes, here is where things get a bit more interesting. Nuken tastes like a warm marshmallow freshly baked by the fire, with some delicate pine and skunky hints.

Nuken buds are big and furry, with dense but light green coloring. The nugs have a thick layer of crystal trichomes and sticky resin that stay on your fingers once you touch them. Nuken buds are generously sprinkled with fiery orange hairs that cover a fine coat of translucent crystal trichomes that carry a nice amount of THC.

In terms of the medical use of marijuana, the Nuken cannabis strain may come in handy for a range of various health conditions. Because of its potent effects, the hybrid is said to be ideal for treating conditions such as ADD/ADHD, arthritis, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorder, or muscle spasms. Moreover, this indica-dominant strain may be helpful for those fighting depression, anxiety, and stress. Due to its sedative properties inherited by Nuken’s indica parents, the strain is often recommended for sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.


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