May Relieve: stress, anxiety, depression, cramps, pain, gastrointestinal disorder, insomnia, inflammation, muscle spasms, PTSD, PMS, chronic pain, loss of appetite, nausea, stasticity

Pine Tar Kush is a pure indica hybrid marijuana strain created from inbreeding the famous Kush. This indica comes with impressive levels of THC, ranging between 18% and 22% on average. Thus, Pine Tar Kush is a great choice for both recreational and medical use.

When it comes to the effects of this pure indica strain, the high begins with a subtle but mind-blowing feeling of euphoria that uplifts the mood for hours to come. Additionally, many users experience sudden giggles after consuming smoking the flower. What’s amazing about Pine Tar Kush is that it comes with a whole range of typical indica-like effects. The high goes through the whole body, starting with a soothing sensation that travels over the muscles.

The Pine Tar Kush strain is amazing for relieving any tension and stress by sedating the user and calming both the mind and body at the same time. With such deep relaxing properties, sooner or later the Pine Tar Kush cannabis strain will lead you to bed. That being said, if you’re looking for a good strain to unwind after a super productive and stressful day, this indica may be the best choice.

Pine Tar Kush is a real bliss for the senses. This indica has a very refreshing pine aroma with some delicate, sweet and citrusy notes. When ground or smoked, the bud relieves its skunky and earthy aromas. As for the taste, the Pine Tar Kush marijuana strain comes with a whole range of fruity citrus notes, accented by subtle accents of earthy flavor. When smoking Pine Tar Kush, you’ll enjoy a great combination of woody pine and sweetness with subtle hints of skunky taste on the exhale.

When smoking this pure indica strain, make sure to have a glass of water by hand, as it will most likely leave you with a cottonmouth. Moreover, you can expect dry, red eyes, but these side effects are very common for a range of marijuana strains. However, when consumed in higher doses, the Pine Tar Kush cannabis strain may make you feel a little anxious or even a bit paranoid.

In terms of medical use of marijuana, Pine Tar Kush may be beneficial for those who are under constant stress, as it induces a euphoric high. Moreover, it may also ease symptoms of depression. With its mood uplifting properties, the hybrid may help patients dealing with feelings of hopelessness or overwhelming anxiety.

The Pine Tar Kush strain is great stimulation for restoring appetite, so it may be helpful in many eating-related disorders or for cancer patients dealing with nausea after chemotherapy. Aside from its appetite stimulating properties, Pine Tar Kush is also a natural painkiller and have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it may ease body pains and aches, even chronic ones.




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